Workshop ``Develop Your First Sustainability Strategy``

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Learn how to develop a comprehensive sustainability strategy through this 3-hour hands-on workshop tailored to SMEs in the toy industry

The workshop demonstrates how to use the 4D Sustainability Canvas, a simple and free methodology to establish your priority topics, set your sustainability targets and design a coherent set of actions to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals

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Why participate in this workshop?

Concrete and effective; learn how to design your sustainability strategy in 3 hours
Avoid feeling overwhelmed by a broad and complex topic through a simple and affordable methodology tailored to SMEs
Short and focused activity, ideal to kick off your sustainability journey and engage your team
Concrete and effective; learn how to design your sustainability strategy in 3 hours
Focus your energy to make the most of your investment in sustainability by identifying your priority topics, like 100% of participants of past events
Feel confident about your ability to develop your sustainability strategy, like 100% of participants of past events
Recommended by 100% 1500x1500
During the workshop, you will work on a case study in groups of 4-10 people and learn how to use the tools to:
- Engage your team in creating your sustainability strategy

- Develop a 360 view on your company’s negative and positive impact

- Set your priority topics

- Decide how your company will contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals

- Develop a sustainability road map with goals and actions that benefit society, the environment and business

Shlomi Eiger

Toy Designer

I really appreciated the simplicity of the method and the ability to convey the idea in a short and focused workshop
Agathe Simon


Interactive and practical workshop, with simple explications and concrete tools to improve sustainable management. The business case as a basis of conversation is useful to animate the debate
Gizem Kendik Önduygu

Toyi Chief Impact Officer

The future is caring, sustainable, collaborative, and empowering. Those who design products and services for children have a salient responsibility in this journey. This Workshop enables the toy industry representatives to think about a more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative toy ecosystem
Gary Wilmot

Founder of Proud Penguin Ltd

A very informative workshop to start me on the sustainability journey
Sharon Keilthy

CEO and Founder of Jiminy EcoToys

Very useful workshop! I left with tools, approaches and ideas I could use right away. I learned from other participants and from the discussion. And it was a very energising and enjoyable few hours very well facilitated with not too much listening time, mostly active-participation time

Online Open Workshop


3 hour-workshop where 4-12 participants from different companies work on a fictional toy company case.

25% discount available for multiple participants from the same company (get in contact)

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Private Workshop


Online or in person

Tailored to your company and your needs

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A free whitepaper addressed to decision-makers in the toy industry who want to explore what sustainability means for their organisations.