The Toys & Sustainability Report 2021

Understanding the challenges and opportunities that sustainability presents for the toy industry

Toys play a crucial role in children's lives. They stimulate and prolong playing, essential for healthy physical and intellectual development.
Paradoxically, toys can also negatively impact children's lives; they can constitute a physical hazard, contribute to poor mental health, and jeopardize children's future by contributing to climate change, natural resources depletion, inequality, and human rights violations.
Awareness of these issues has been consistently growing and influencing purchase decisions.
Today, responsible consumption is a significant market trend, especially among the younger generations that favour brands that align with their values.

Toy companies are reacting to this growing awareness. Prominent measures seek to improve the industry's sustainability by ensuring human rights and decent working conditions in the supply chain, reducing the use of plastic, greenhouse gas emissions and waste, and promoting diversity & inclusion.

However, the challenges are enormous, and inconsistencies are easy to spot.

Through more than 30 interviews, this report explores the toy industry's social and environmental impact, how companies are adapting to the new consumer's expectations, and the potential to transform challenges in opportunities that makes brands stand out in consumers' eyes.

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Release date: April 2021
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