Toy Sustainability Assessment

Understand your toys' environmental impact
and get affordable and actionable advice
to improve their footprint and avoid false green claims
Understand your products' effect on the environment in up to 16 different areas of impact
Understand where your toys' carbon footprint comes from (packaging, materials, manufacture, transport)
Compare against a standard toy benchmark
Get actionable guidance on how to reduce your products' environmental footprint and design for a circular economy
Future-proof your toys for the worldwide coming and stricter environmental regulation
Assess your green claims and see if they are compliant with the guidance from the relevant authorities in Europe and the USA
Align your product with your consumers' and distributors' expectations of sustainability
Avoid the risk of greenwashing by making sure your communication aligns with existing and coming regulation on green claims
Make strategic decisions confidently and save hundreds of hours of research by being advised by two toy sustainability experts and our extensive network of specialists
Get referrals to different experts and suppliers

You will get

A report containing the toy's cradle-to-grave environmental footprint in the relevant areas, with a particular focus on climate change and waste
An indicative carbon footprint and its origin (packaging, material, manufacture, transport)
An analysis of the product's level of circularity
An analysis of how the product fits the requirements of coming environmental regulation (EPR, promotion of the circular economy...)
Comparison against a similar standard toy benchmark
Practical advice to improve the toy's environmental footprint and its circularity
Guidance on your green claims to avoid the risk of greenwashing and its potential consequences
A consulting session to discuss the results and explore different options to implement the suggestions
Referrals to our network of experts and suppliers in case you need them (materials experts and suppliers, toy designers, carbon footprint, packaging, circularity...)

We will need from you

- A sample of a specific toy with packaging (or a representative one)
- Basic information on the toy and packaging composition and your value chain
- An one-hour kick-start call (online) + availability to clarify and answer potential questions during the assessment process
- An one-hour results review call (online)
This service is a collaboration between Sharon Keilthy and myself
Sharon is an engineer and accomplished management consultant. She started Jiminy Eco Toys, the world’s first eco-activist toy store in Ireland, which now stocks over 750 climate-neutral, minimal-waste toys. She is also an acclaimed speaker on toys and sustainability. Her eco-toys speech is on the world’s only toy design degree curriculum at the prestigious Otis College, Los Angeles. Additionally, she sits on the American Toy Association Sustainability Committee.
Together, we can offer toy makers a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation of your toys’ environmental footprint, a variety of suggestions for improvement that are both ambitious and realistic and an extensive network of collaborators (designers, sustainable materials experts and suppliers, carbon footprint specialists…)

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