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Changing the World

A report to understand the challenges and opportunities
that sustainability presents for the toy industry

The paradox
Toys play a crucial role in children's lives; they stimulate and prolong playing, essential for healthy physical and intellectual development.

However, there is a more worrying side to toys; they undeniably harm the environment and can affect children negatively. Among many other effects, the toy industry contributes to depleting natural resources, polluting land, air and water; fuels climate change, and fosters the conditions leading to human and labour rights ‘abuses. Toys can also damage children's health, well-being, self-esteem and ambitions.

Paradoxically, the very same items that bring joy to children jeopardise their future.

What is Changing the World TOY BY TOY?
Changing the World TOY BY TOY is a free whitepaper addressed to decision-makers in the toy industry who want to explore what sustainability means for their organisations.
The different chapters explore the toy industry's social and environmental impact, how companies adapt to the new consumer's expectations, and the potential to transform challenges in opportunities that make brands stand out in consumers' eyes.

The document points out relevant concepts that can address social and ecological challenges while contributing to brand success, such as circular economy, purpose, innovation and collaboration.

Table of contents:

1. Summary
2. Social and environmental impact
3. How are toy brands addressing sustainability?
4. The Challenges
5. Conclusion
“Brand Purpose” by Trudi Bishop
“Toys, Plastics and Circular Economy” by Frédéric Chateauneuf

Why should you read it?
Changing the world TOY BY TOY will help executive and product managers, designers and marketers understand how sustainability reshapes the toy industry.

You will be able to step into action as soon as you finish reading.

It is of interest to toy brands (distributors and manufacturers) in the initial steps of their sustainability path or those wishing to strengthen their commitment under a solid sustainability strategy.

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