``Enabling sustainability for toy companies`` Workshop

Friday 11th of March, 9-12 am GMT, 59 GBP/person
A hands-on workshop
to learn a simple, effective and affordable tool
to develop a comprehensive sustainability strategy
for toy brands
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Why participate in this workshop?

Sustainability can feel overwhelming because it gathers a myriad of complex topics, and there is no “one solution fits all” answers. Also, there is a lot of noise out there, and it’s not easy to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Many toy brands feel lost and struggle to decide where their sustainability journey should start; Bioplastics? Recycled plastic? Packaging? Waste? Diversity? You need a system to ensure that you are committing your time, energy and budget in a way that will benefit society, the Planet AND your business.
Addressed to decision-makers in the toy industry, this 3-hour hands-on workshop will demonstrate how to use the 4D Sustainability Canvas to develop your sustainability strategy and link it with the SDGs.
4D Sustainability Canvas is a confirmed, affordable and straightforward methodology specially developed to enable sustainability for SMEs. It's free to download.

The “Enabling sustainability for toy companies” Workshop tailors the 4D Sustainability Canvas to the toy industry and is facilitated by Sonia Sánchez, Sustainability Consultant specialising in the toy industry and author of Changing the World TOY BY TOY.

More about 4D Sustainability Canvas: www.sustainability-canvas.com/how-it-works/

More about Sonia Sánchez: www.sonia-sanchez.com

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During the workshop, you will work on a case study in groups of 4-10 people and learn how to use the tools to:
- Engage your team in creating your sustainability strategy
- Develop a 360 view on your company’s negative and positive impact
- Set your priority topics
- Decide how your company will contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals
- Develop a sustainability road map with goals and actions that benefit society, the environment and business
Date; Friday 11 Marzo, 9-12 am GMT
Duration; 3 hours
Platform; Mural and Zoom
Price; 69 € per person
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Before you leave...
Download Changing the World TOY BY TOY

A free whitepaper addressed to decision-makers in the toy industry who want to explore what sustainability means for their organisations.