A custom-tailored hands-on program to become the confident sustainability leader your company needs
Ensure your brand leads the industry transformation that conscious consumers expect and the world craves

You will become the savvy and confident sustainability leader your company needs to lead the industry transformation and make the most of your investment in sustainability

Addressed to CEOs and sustainability and product managers of SMEs in the toy industry, whatever their current knowledge of sustainability


From day one, my support and the program’s hands-on approach will get you building on your sustainability knowledge and using a set of practical tools to progressively and confidently embed sustainability in your company’s business practices

Competent practitioners

This coaching program will ignite a qualitative leap in your company’s sustainability performance by upgrading your knowledge and skills and bringing relevant resources, inspiration and a sounding board for your ideas
Embed sustainability in your decision-making to future-proof your company
Be guided by a toy sustainability expert and make strategic decisions confidently
Save time and money by avoiding hiring expensive specialised staff, indecision, mistakes and hundreds of hours of research

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