B Corp Consulting

Maximise your score and smoothly navigate the B Corp Certification process
The B Corp Certification distinguishes purpose-driven companies meeting the highest environmental and social standards. The first step of becoming a B Corp Certified business is reaching an 80/200 score in the B Impact Assessment.
The B Impact Assessment is a powerful tool to evaluate and improve social and environmental performance. However, it’s a thorough process than can be daunting due to its length and detail. Many companies give up before completing the assessment, losing the chance to use this fantastic (and free!) tool to drive their social and environmental performance and renouncing the B Corp distinction.

My B Corp Consulting service will support you in navigating the certification process and maximising your score.

It will also orientate you to use the B Impact Assessment to drive long-term social and environmental performance.

Maximise your chance of success through personalised step-by-step guidance from a trained B Leader (Multiplicadores B)
Smoothly complete the B Impact Assessment through my 1:1 support
Maximise your score by identifying all your strengths (sometimes, what has become business as usual for you is exceptional in your market!)
Identify opportunities, challenges and quick wins to improve your score
Develop a solid road map to implement the operational changes you will need to reach the required score (very few companies get 80/200 points on their first try)
Get feedback from a toy sustainability expert and make decisions confidently
Save time and money in developing processes through the resources provided (policies, surveys…)
Ensure you are gathering the correct evidence to back your answers
Get your team on board with an engaging kick-off session
Learn how to use the B Impact Assessment to improve your social and environmental performance in the long term

If you are interested in becoming a B Corp certified business or using the B Impact Assessment to drive sustainability within your organisation and want to know more about how I can help you, just book a free call.