Hey there,
I'm Sonia, your Impact & Sustainability consultant

I believe that sustainability and purpose have the power to elevate brands, and I want to guide you in this exciting though bumpy journey.

Global experience

I'm passionate about exquisite, authentic, niche brands that pour their heart and soul into what they do.

I help brands in the family industry manage their social and environmental footprint to build authentic connections with consumers.

Based in London, but originally from Spain, and having previously lived and worked in France, Morocco, and Austria provides me with global experience and perspective.

I've been there

I was a professional in the childcare equipment industry, marketing and developing new products designed in Europe and manufactured in Asia.

I paid attention to design, price, and quality, and I did my best to ensure fair business practices. Nevertheless, I always wondered if I was doing enough, if I had all the information, and if I could do better.

A personal commitment

I have always cared about the environment, human rights, and equality.

Over time and with experience, I developed the strong feeling that ethical business practices and social commitment could transform lovely items into awesome products to be proud of selling and buying.

Therefore, I committed to supporting wonderful brands in becoming awesome and remarkable brands.
Awesome for themselves and awesome for the world.

Sustainability expertise

I trained as a sustainability expert, and since then, I've been helping businesses develop social projects, and helping social projects become businesses.

I have written guides about sustainability, authored Changing the World TOY BY TOY, published by relevant social and business organisations and, for years, I have blogged about Corporate Social Responsibility for SMEs on various media.

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