Making toys sustainable

A service tailored to small and medium toy companies that want to stand out and thrive by becoming a force for good
Stand out
amongst your competitors
Build loyalty
meeting families expectations
for a sustainable future
Children and parents expect companies to care about people and the Planet, and they are passionate about brands that share their values
But producing sustainable toys is a journey full of challenges hard to overcome when you are short of time, hands and specialised staff

I can help you

My services are designed to help you build your sustainability strategy on solid foundations,
and base your communication on real sustainability

Get a clear road map towards sustainability

Deliver families' expectations and build loyalty
Stand out and attract new consumers and partners
Unveil new business opportunities in the form of new distributors, innovation, cost savings and new income streams
Increase staff satisfaction and motivation

Download Changing the World TOY BY TOY

A free whitepaper addressed to decision-makers in the toy industry who want to explore what sustainability means for their organisations.

Why me?

Because as a product manager in the toy industry I've been in your shoes. Moreover, I spoke to dozens of toy companies to understand the challenges they face in their pursuit of sustainability and wrote the whitepaper Changing the World TOY BY TOY.

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''Sonia is an excellent professional who adds value to her work with a combined knowledge of the company and the social field. She is incredibly effective.''
Christophe Charras Sustainable Development Consultant
''Having the opportunity to work with Sonia is always a pleasure. She gets highly involved in the projects she leads, bringing a new perspective and fresh energy.''
Andoni Silva Founder, The Impact Circle
''Sonia is remarkably results-oriented and has an excellent eye for detail. She provided us with solutions and helped us develop a viability plan and a sales pitch for a social project.''
Jose Alonso Represa Social Impact Consultant, Exit Foundation
''Sonia has a vast knowledge of sustainability and impact and I'd highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional willing to be part of their project.''
Andoni Silva Founder, The Impact Circle