Elevate your brand through purpose and sustainability.

Supporting niche brands in the children's industry, managing their environmental and social impact to stand out and thrive.

Build authentic connections

The younger generation expects companies to care about people and the planet, and they are passionate about brands that share their values.

Sustainability is an exciting (and bumpy) journey

Whether you choose just to meet consumers' basic expectations or decide to stand out by leading social change, I will make your journey smoother, providing tailored solutions and bringing in my extensive international experience in the following areas:

Trusted by organisations from around the world

My goal is to make the transition to sustainability smooth and worthwhile, both for the planet and your brand.


Here’s what a few clients and colleagues have said about my work:
''Sonia is an excellent professional who adds value to her work with a combined knowledge of the company and the social field. She is incredibly effective.''
Christophe Charras Sustainable Development Consultant
''Having the opportunity to work with Sonia is always a pleasure. She gets highly involved in the projects she leads, bringing a new perspective and fresh energy.''
Andoni Silva Founder, The Impact Circle
''Sonia is remarkably results-oriented and has an excellent eye for detail. She provided us with solutions and helped us develop a viability plan and a sales pitch for a social project.''
Jose Alonso Represa Social Impact Consultant, Exit Foundation
''Sonia has a vast knowledge of sustainability and impact and I'd highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional willing to be part of their project.''
Andoni Silva Founder, The Impact Circle

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